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Annual Tax Returns – Paper returns due 31st October on-line due 31st January. Have you registered on-line? This is the simplest way now to submit your return. We can do this for you. Don’t spend hours struggling through, give us a call we can help and we are not expensive.

Make sure you are paying the correct national insurance & Tax. This year alone we have delt with people who have been overcharged by there employers and assisted in obtaining refunds.

Do you understand your tax code?

If not do not put it in the drawer, call us today and we can check it for you.

We can help explain all these and help you register to submit on-line and avoid fines. Be warned these can be expensive but avoidable with the correct help.

Are you self employed and employed ? Call today we can help with your return to ensure its correct and your allowances are fully utilised.

Do you pay CIS , Yes ? Well be confident this can offset against tax due and can in some cases result in a refund.

Call us if you are any of these unsure about your tax:

  • Employed & Rent Private Property
  • Employed & Self employed
  • Employed & have another income
  • Company Director
  • Receive Dividends
  • Self Employed
  • Subcontractor on CIS scheme

We can help!

Picture of self assessment tax return in Chester